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Brain Health Consultation & Monitoring

“I was suitably impressed with the eighty-six billion neurons that glittered like stars in the skull but was a little overwhelmed by the idea that the constellations could be moved, shaped, and changed negatively and positively.” 

--Jennifer Fraser


Everyone deserves to understand their brain, its health, and how we can support it for optimal cognitive function and aging. Research has shown that we are not victims of our genetics or even our personal histories. We know more now than ever about how to enhance our brain health, maintain or improve our cognitive functioning, and even delay or prevent the onset of cognitive impairment. Dr. Crittenden has particular interest and experience in the area of healthy cognitive aging.


A brain health consultation consists of an evaluation of your cognitive concerns and review of key evidenced-based lifestyle factors that contribute to cognitive function, such as physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and more. Personalized recommendations aimed at enhancing or improving upon areas of concern are then provided. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled to monitor progress, track changes, and revise recommendations as needed. 


A brain health consultation is ideal for individuals who may be wondering how to preserve or enhance their brain health and maintain optimal cognitive function. This evaluation does not include formal cognitive testing. Dr. Crittenden may recommend a full neuropsychological assessment if significant cognitive or behavioral concerns are present.

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