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ADHD/Learning Disorder Assessment

ADHD/learning disorder evaluations are comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations designed to evaluate multiple factors that can affect an individual’s work or academic performance, including but not limited to:

  • ADHD

  • A specific learning disorder

  • Academic achievement

  • Executive dysfunction (e.g., difficulty planning, organizing, multitasking etc..)

  • Slowed processing speed

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep issues


Information is gathered from a range of sources as appropriate and can include interviews and questionnaires from family members and teachers, medical records, and prior evaluations in order to obtain a well-rounded understanding of each individual.


Evaluations are tailored as needed and can include:

  • Requesting academic, testing, or work accommodations when applicable

  • Assessing intellectual abilities

  • Assessing psychoeducational skills and needs

  • Establishing a diagnosis when applicable

  • Understanding individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses

  • Ruling out possible contributing factors (e.g., depression, anxiety, poor sleep, untreated medical conditions, medication side-effects) that can be addressed to improve functioning

  • Guiding future planning, both in the short-term (e.g., class selection) and the long-term (e.g., college selection and vocational choices)

  • Guiding formal interventions, such as educational or cognitive therapy

  • Providing individualized behavioral strategies to optimize performance

  • Identifying whether a medication consultation with a physician/psychiatrist could be helpful

  • Placing referrals (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, audiologists, educational therapists) as appropriate

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